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Snow Candy: A Carl North Mystery by Terry Carroll

A Carl North mystery
Published by Mercury Press

Members of the Pythons (a fictionalized version of the Bandidos motorcycle club) are desperate to conceal what happened one wintry night when two men are killed in fires. Their bodies are found in a farmhouse, and one man was apparently burned twice.

To read the prologue to SNOW CANDY, follow the link below.

... Excerpt from SNOW CANDY

Body Contact: A Carl North Mystery, by Terry Carroll

Published November, 2006

A Carl North mystery
Published by Mercury Press

The small town of Belleford is ripped apart by revelations about what's been really going on in minor hockey.

To read an excerpt from the gripping BODY CONTACT, follow the link below.

... Excerpt from BODY CONTACT

Shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award from the Crime Writers of Canada
Published by Mercury Press

Late one June night, a young woman dies in a car accident on the rural highway that runs between the village of Rose Hill and the small city of Crooked Elbow, Alberta.
Why are the police ordered to keep reporters away from the accident scene? What detail does editor of The Crooked Elbow Sun, Marc LePage, miss as he works to keep his inebriated balance on the dark highway.

Reviews of No Blood Relative

“One of the most interesting elements of this story is the realism that Terry Carroll creates in the stifling atmosphere of Crooked Elbow, Alta. . . An agonizingly accurate portrait of the prejudice and claustrophobia of small-town life.” Judy Liebner, The London Free Press

“This is a classy first novel with a lot of style . . . a fine hand for setting and mood that can carry his story a good long way. All in all, a writer to watch.” Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

“This first novel is an admirable one: Canada has lots of room for writers like Terry Carroll.” The Halifax Daily News

To read an excerpt from the intriguing and suspenseful No Blood Relative, follow the link below.

... Excerpt from NO BLOOD RELATIVE

Please note that this novel is now out of print.

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