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Terry's blog on Writing

48,710 Words - March 3, 2008
by Terry Carroll
The weekend just past, I was determined to exceed the 49,000-word level and push on past the 50,000-word barrier, maybe even 55,000.

Instead, I had to admit that I was somewhat lost.

With this realization comes loss of confidence and self-doubt, which some people call writer's block.

Instead of doing a lot of writing, I did almost none. Late Sunday afternoon, I made some notes about the manuscript so far. Maybe the book should go a different direction.

This morning, I went for a walk, mulling over the characters and the plot so far.

Some things needed to be reworked, some things added. I put in the time, this morning, the three hours and I'm up to 50,126 of a first draft. Things are moving again.

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