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FictionWritingTips: Staying at it - 2008-01-16

Staying at it
by Terry Carroll
Now that my third mystery novel with Mercury Press has gone to press, I'm working on a fourth.

This time, I decided to try to do the first draft at about 1,000 words a days. This works well, most days, except for those days when I don't get at it.

It makes writing more like regular work, which I actually enjoy, since it should be.

What I can't believe, after all this time, are the distractions. Half the time, I feel as I used to, when I smoked. Except this time, it isn't the urge for nicotine. It's the urge to do anything else except sit in the chair and write ... get something to eat, call somebody, play electronic poker, doodle, go to the bathroom, make a hot chocolate, eat something (did I mention that already?), surf the Internet.

Almost 25,000 words of a first draft.

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